by Paulhansa Sawyer

Challenging times…

The nature of the world is becoming increasingly complex and chaotic, and it can be easy for us to be negatively affected by what we see, hear and experience. But let us always remember that we all have the power to choose our thoughts and create our lives as we want them to be. By living with the God-given Truths, we can sail peacefully on the choppy waters.
Let us keep in mind the importance of becoming more in charge of our minds ~ our thoughts and emotions ~ and also our energies. Living in this world at this time doesn’t have to be difficult and traumatic. We can rise above worldly influences and keep free of negativities if we put our minds to it, by aligning ourselves to our spiritual nature and by following the wisdom offered to us by our beloved Gurudeva and the Masters.Let us keep to the ideal of ‘being in the world, but not of it’.

Spiritual knowledge, as we find in Mata Yoganandaji’s books, recordings and throughout the Courses taught under her guidance and Blessing ~ is needed to keep a balanced, positive perspective amongst the disturbing influences of the world. More and more people are looking for understanding and ‘answers’, especially when traumatic things happen, whether to them individually or to a community or society. The answers that people are looking for are of course within them, in their innate spirituality. We are all seeking true happiness, love, peace and understanding, because that is who we really are.

Let us remember that in order for us to spiritually evolve we need to face ourselves, whether as individuals or as the human race ~ to learn from our mistakes and to move forward into an ever-increasing enlightened awareness. So, challenges will come, things will happen, to show us what we need to learn and what needs to change, particularly in our thinking and in our attitudes.

As our consciousness raises, we will see more clearly the error of our ways, the systems that don’t serve us and the thinking that causes us suffering. Then with this increased clarity we can make positive changes and move forward. Not only do we see this playing out in our lives, but in families, places of work and in world events. Increasingly people the world over are not standing for injustices, and demanding a stop to negative attitudes and actions that cause people suffering. We are calling out for greater tolerance and an honouring of racial, cultural and religious differences. We are moving forward. In the various forms of media we see messages like LoveNotHate, TheyAreUs and WeAreLove.

In essence, it is unconditional love we are hungering for and because it is our true natural state of being we will inexorably keep moving forwards towards it. It is a process of course, and there are many obstacles and old ways to overcome, but truly, there is no other greater work for us to do.

Paulhansa Sawyer

Paulhansa Sawyer

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sevalight Associate