Self Realization Sevalight Centre

Whakatu Nelson, New Zealand


6 Brunner Street, Bishopdale, Nelson 7010

It is a deep blessing to share the teachings our Self-Realized Master Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma at this Centre in Whakatū Nelson, New Zealand. It is a wonder how so many who are new to Centre are touched by Mata Yoganandaji’s love and peace, and we love the variety of words used to describe how they are touched from this space.

It is a joy to offer Pure Meditation Courses, Yoga and Breathing Classes, Healing, Counselling, professional training courses and more. To be offering these in-person and online is a wonderful balance of building a local community and feeling connected to a worldwide network of people wanting to know their true selves and bring more light to the world.

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The Self Realization Sevalight Centre in Whakatū Nelson came into being as a result of the blessing of visiting in 2022 and feeling a strong intuitive pull to relocate here, continuing our life’s work in this wonderful and welcoming community.

The Centre is in the beautiful suburb of Bishopdale and sits up on a hill with stunning views of Nelson’s landscape. It is so calming to watch the seagulls travelling over the main land corridor of Nelson, floating peacefully and dancing together in circles.

In addition to being only a few minutes to the sea, behind the Centre is easy access to the glorious Grampians Reserve. As the crow flies, the Centre is located just down the hill from the viewing platform.

Living close to the Grampians brings to our delighted ears the wonderous sounds of Tuis and Bellbirds. At nighttime the exquisite calls of the native Ruru Owls can often be heard. Joy of joys!!

Spiritual Home

It would be a joy to welcome you to your Spiritual Home in Whakatū Nelson, New Zealand.

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Open to all, the centre is a spiritual home to many who come to imbibe in the peace