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Over the years Mata Yoganandaji has written many articles and recorded many talks for us to read and listen to – to help us on so many levels.

Articles by Mata Yoganandaji

Trust Yourself

Trust Yourself

Trust yourself, allowing unbidden thoughts to come in, for you to re-think and go forward, opening up to receive the...

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Steady As You Go

Steady As You Go

My Spirit is forceful energy that speeds my body ~ the boat; my clothes ~ the sails; and myself ~ the Captain, sailing...

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” Not for gain but for love must we going into Meditation towards God- Self-Realization. Then and only then will the Beloved show the light, the wisdom to you. ”

Message from
Mata Yoganandaji

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‘Self Realization Through Pure Meditation’

About pure meditition
Whether we are looking for spiritual guidance, inspiration, comforting words or wisdom for living in this day and age, Mataji has ensured that the help from the Divine is available for us all in the form of her books and audio recordings.

It is helpful for us to keep in mind that Mataji’s publications are the manifestation of the wisdom and unconditional love of the Infinite Beloved – that this is an expression of the Divine Will to make available to all who are seeking and looking for help, a source of Divine Help.

About pure meditition
If we open our hearts and minds we can receive deeply into our hearts and minds the energy of unconditional love and spiritual wisdom that brings healing and release from fear and negative states that often hinder our experience of happiness, health and peace.

Also by reading the words written by Mata Yoganandaji and listening to her spoken words, and her song soul chants, we help ourselves to connect to and understand more deeply Mataji – as a spiritual Master and Guru, and helps us to cultivate faith, greater connection with God , our true selves.

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About pure meditition
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