Be Your True Spiritual Self

“A luxury” I hear you say?

It might seem like such if you can barely find time to keep on top of everything as it is! However, the reality is that once we do start to take time for ourselves, even in small ways, we find we have more energy, are more focused and better tempered.

Do we know who we truly are?

Most of us don’t.
Perhaps because we are too busy doing stuff
rather than taking time to just be.

We are not just our conditioning or the role we are playing in life. We are much more. Important though our role in this life may be. Part of our purpose for being on the planet is to learn more about our self and to be the best we can in life. Many of us are so caught up in being in the material world that we forget about our spirit and what it might need to feel fulfilled and happy.


A technique that takes no time at all, or rather lasts the length of 2 breaths. We have to breath any way so why not do this more consciously from time to time throughout the day and feel the difference.


We also have Pure Spiritual Healers, Intuitive Counsellors, Energy Care & Wellbeing teachers and Sevalight Hatha Yoga teachers worldwide and online who can help you with simple profound ways of looking after your energy and learning to understand yourself and listen to your intuition.


If you are ready to explore further,
the ultimate in learning to be your
True Spiritual Self is Pure Meditation


Read our article about Energy Care and how important it is.


You can learn to be your
True Spiritual Self at various venues.
around the world