Importance of  Energy Care

There is an ever-increasing amount of negative energy and negativity in the world. Looking around, you can see how this negativity manifests – with many people suffering ill health, physically, emotionally and mentally. Anxiety, depression and mental health issues are reaching epidemic proportions in many countries. Peoples and countries are at war and in conflict. We have extreme weather conditions.

We are blessed to have a Guru, a great Master – Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma, bringing us Pure Meditation and many energy care tools to help us balance ourselves and look after our energies in this lifetime. One of the most important of these is the Covering Over technique. Without this we leave ourselves open to the negative energies and will also be depleted of our own energy. We cannot stay in balance in life and advance properly on the spiritual path if we do not take responsibility for looking after our energies and maintaining our balance. We have been given the tools. We need to use them. No one can do this for us.

We are meant to be evolving, becoming more spiritually aware and more sensitive to different vibrations. This is a natural progression of both humankinds’ evolution and of our own individual spiritual advancement. However, it is essential that we take on board the need to Cover Over, as this simple yet profound technique will help us to stay balanced and manage our growing sensitivity, in a world that is increasingly out of kilter.

It is imperative to our spiritual progress and energy integrity that we stay positive in the face of negativity. That we stay in balance and do not allow negativity in. The Covering Over helps us with this, alongside Pure Meditation, a positive attitude, affirmations and faith.

So much of what we do and are subjected to can play havoc with our energies ~ technology, social media and devices, getting emotional and being reactive – all take a toll on our energies, leaving us feeling drained, irritable, scattered and overly sensitive. It can even lead to psychic disturbances and mental health issues for some people. Covering Over will help us to stay more in charge of ourselves – our reactions, sensitivity, emotions and energy.

The following is an extract from “Visualizations For You”
by Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma explaining a simple form of Covering Over.

The Covering Over Breath

We have energy points all over our body.
The main ones being at our spine and these points send out energies to our body for you
– you need to cover over the energies sent out from the spinal area to the front areas of the body.

Take your hand to the base, though, at the front of your body, a
nd slowly take your hand up the middle of your body to the forehead.
Think while doing this of drawing up a blind.

Take and fasten (metaphorically speaking) to the top of the forehead.
Concentrate while doing this.
This will help earth yourself. Rub hands briskly afterwards.

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

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