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Writings and Recordings of a Divine Master

We are so deeply Blessed to have the writings and recordings of a Spiritual Master, specific and relevant to life today ~ the ancient teachings in modern form. Mata Yoganandaji writes with such simplicity and depth, that any one person in any walk of life may benefit.

Such is the depth, that each word and sentence contains many layers ~ so that each time we hear or read, we may go to further depth within ourselves, according to our own progress and evolutionary state.
A balm to the spirit, these writings are multi-faceted, bringing a deeper understanding of life on all levels, expounding great spiritual truths in a down to earth, easily understandable form.
There is practical guidance on all aspects of life as well as comfort in times of trouble and daily reminders for attaining to greater peace and harmony in all that we do.
Mata Yoganandaji’s writings and recording help in so many ways to ‘keep us on track’, and alongside the teachings of Pure Meditation give us all we need to go forward on our path to greater peace, love, joy and wisdom ~ to finding the God within and in all of life.

Books of

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji



The inspirational story of Mata Yoganandaji’s spiritual journey in this life ~ written to inspire and motivate all towards Self-Realization.

Mata Yoganandaji has through her life had many experiences and trials, and has shown by her own example that by searching for and finding the God within, all can be overcome ~ that unconditional love may reign supreme. Many have found their own life experiences and challenges mirrored in this depth account, and found upliftment, strength and guidance through Mata Yoganandaji’s loving words.



Self Realization Through Pure Meditation

This book that is so small holds so much.

Such depth of love so that all who wish to progress along their path may find truths about life to help them forward on their way.

Once having read this book, life will never be the same again.



Gods in the Making

Transcribed from a recording, this book is written as if Mata Yoganandaji is speaking directly to you ~ going into greater depth on all aspects of life and the problems we face.

There is a chapter or two for everyone speaking directly on a facet of ourselves that we need to work on to find greater peace, balance and progress in our own lives; as well as chapters to answer our inner questions ~ bringing deeper knowledge and understanding on all areas of living spiritually in today’s world.



The Truth Eternal

How do we find balance in today’s world?

How do we cultivate peace and unconditional love amidst the great problems and disasters that are taking place?

How do we stay positive, balanced and loving through the daily challenges of our own lives?

Written in simple, down to earth, easily digestible chapters. Mata Yoganandaji gives deep and practical answers on how to rise above the problems of life today.

By following these simple, profound truths, and learning to master ourselves, life transforms beyond compare.


Visualizations For You

Relaxation and letting go is an important aspect of our own balance in order to progress. During visualization, we can access a deeper part of ourselves and healing and restoration can take place.

Even for those who do not ‘see’ visualisation in their minds, the mental peace and calm from this resting time brings a harmony to the whole being.

Presented in both written and recorded form so that it is available to you at any time, the words and voice of Mata Yoganandaji soothe and settle our whole being, so that we are refreshed and ready for all that lies ahead.



Live in the Light

This day book brings pearls of Spiritual Wisdom and upliftment to the start of each new day.

Mata Yoganandaji’s deep love and understanding of life gives us inspiration and insights, helping us to live each day to the full with peace, wisdom, love and joy.


Sevalight Magazine

Sevalight Magazine is a special yearly magazine full of inspirational and uplifting articles, news and updates from devotees around the world ~ and most importantly new writings from a spiritual Master ~ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji.

For those who are join Self Realization Sevalight Associates Worldwide a copy of Sevalight Magazine is included with the annual membership. For those wishing to purchase the magazine, it will be available through the SevaLight Retreat Centres and distribution centres in various countries around the world.

Please do contact us if you would like to know how to obtain your copy.

Free Audio ~ Pure Meditation

Listen to a timeless message, so wholly relevant to the world situation as it is. These words from a Self Realized Master, help so much to bring comfort, peace of mind and understanding ~ a reminder of the deeper spiritual Truths behind all happenings.The deep loving vibrations of a Master’s voice feed us deeply on every level of our being, to soothe the spirit and uplift the being.

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Audio Recordings

Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji’s teachings are the ancient Spiritual Science in practical, modern form and are relevant to anyone in any walk of life – helping so much to bring peace and positivity to all life’s situations. Many of Gurudeva’s Talks and teachings have been recorded over the years and are available now via download from the audio shop, with new additions coming soon.

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We lovingly ask for your help to raise funds towards printing and distribution of Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji’s beautiful, loving teachings around the world. We are soon hoping to release a new edition of Gods in the Making, with practical spiritual solutions to every aspect of our daily life. Any donation received is humbly appreciated and will be deeply blessed.