“It is known that anything alive has energy within it. One Energy with ‘offshoots’, going into different forms of life.

The human species is of wonderful creation. The body having all it needs to make it work perfectly, unless, there is disharmony and an imbalance of its energies.

I could write with many long words used on this subject, but prefer to keep it simple, for all minds to digest, for simplicity of speech and in writing will, I pray, let truth and sincerity through.

So, we are energy, energy can produce sound and light, so can we.

Our bodies use energy. Energy for our brain to work, our minds to function. For the digestive system, our heart, kidneys and liver. All parts of us need energy to live. To be healthy we need to know this, and look after the workings of our body by proper exercise; rest; good food alongside good eating habits; keeping an active brain.

Bearing in mind all this, there are some parts of us that play ‘havoc’ with us: our minds, when they lack concentration and our emotions, used in the full sense of the word, that can tear us to pieces with anger, jealousy, envy, impatience, infatuation ~ to name but a few.

These all give out energy, take it from our body, and being. Negative energy manifests to harm us.

Over-stimulation or excess of certain chemicals within, bring about an imbalance in some form or another. Whichever way it is said or written ~ Our Energies Are Not Being Balanced Enough.

Like a car, we need to keep ‘a gentle’ eye on its workings, give it a service occasionally. The secret here is not to be overly concerned, only give the body its due.

Each body is different, and will be, according to our upbringing and lifestyle, so, what is good for one body, may not be good for another. Which means you should get to know what works best for Your body, then, use your intuition when dealing with it. Only you know how you feel, what your body is saying to you.

When it speaks, listen to what it is telling you, ask for advice if needs be, then go on your own intuition and deal with it. Then forget about your body, for too much time spent in this way does more harm than good.

Our ‘service’ should consist of seeing if we are at peace, in our minds, for, if our minds are peaceful, our bodies should be. Look at your food and food intake, do go for walks, a swim, Yoga! Is your mind healthy? ~ try to keep it positive at all times.

If not you need to Meditate more. If you do not Meditate then take time out to sit quietly and do some breathing exercises.

Keeping the mind and body in the best condition that you can, and at peace with your whole being, will mean your energies are well balanced.

You may be working out karma, have aches and pains, still you need to look and balance.

On the spiritual path, before you reach another level the body can play up ~ to detoxify itself, so that it can keep up with your spiritual progress ~ do remember this.

We cannot expect perfection, but with faith and common sense we can get pretty well near to it.

There is a Divine Energy that we can call on when we need a helping hand. Pray ~ ask for help.

Why not?”

This Article is taken from Mata Yoganandaji’s Book THE TRUTH ETERNAL