by Chris Taylor

“You have found your God and Guru.
You need never fear again.
You have found your own way home, and will
never feel alone again.

For you are truly loved.
I will be with you till the end of time.”
Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

On the 4th of November I read this beautiful, uplifting verse from Gurudeva’s book ‘Live in the Light ~ a book of daily inspirations’. These words brought me so much comfort and resonated throughout my whole being. I felt such a depth of love, gratitude and devotion towards my beloved Gurudeva.
I reflected on how profoundly Gurudeva’s love and guidance has transformed my life. Mere words don’t begin to express the gratitude I feel for all the positive change that has taken place for me over the last five years, since I first came to the SevaLight Retreat Centre in Christchurch. I trust inwardly that Gurudeva knows the depth of my gratitude.
Prior to being guided to the Centre my life looked very different to now. I always had a deep inner ache of loneliness and the feeling that “there has to be more to life” was ever present. Spending time on my own was something I avoided, I felt lost, alone and disconnected from life and my true self and ultimately I was just going through life ‘running away from myself’ and not truly living.

What a blessing to be guided to the Centre and my beloved Gurudeva. Through the help of regular Pure Spiritual Healings, Intuitive Counselling and Pure Meditation I have been lovingly supported to stop running and to face myself. I have been gently guided to take ownership of my life and connect with my God given intuitive voice and make positive changes. The realization that I possessed the inner strength and skills to work through my problems has been such an empowering process. “God is within, all is well” was and continues to be a very powerful affirmation in helping me to connect with my higher self, God and Guru.

Every day I am so comforted by the knowledge that Gurudeva is with me. How wonderful it is to now feel inner peace and instead of fearing time on my own, I now cherish imbibing in the silence during my daily Pure Meditations, in the knowledge that I am never actually alone.

Over the last five years, I have received so much love, support and guidance to help peel off my ‘onion skin’ layers of ego, conditioning and negativity. I am now in a place where I feel so much more at peace and connected with my higher self and purpose in life. I am so grateful that life now feels like a wonderful journey to be enjoyed and that I now see ‘problems’ as opportunities for me to make progress. Mataji writes of this subject in her book, Live in the Light ~ a book of daily inspirations from Oct 16:

“Remember ~ all your experiences are
stepping stones not stumbling blocks
so make good use of them.

Our lives are short lived so live each day well.”

Although I still have a lot of ‘work-ons’ (as one does on the spiritual path) I am now able to be so much more connected with God and Guru’s love and spread this light and positivity to others. I feel blessed that I have such an amazing tool kit of practical spiritual skills to use every day. There is a powerful ripple effect of me being balanced in my energy and allowing the love and light to shine to all those around me.

I have been on an amazing journey since being guided to my beloved Guru, Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji. I am eternally grateful for her unconditional love and for guiding me back ‘home’ to Thee.

Chris Taylor

Chris Taylor

Christchurch, New Zealand

Sevalight Associate