“How do you love your lover?

With devotion, commitment, loyalty, unconditional love and complete faith in that one person.

 So it should be in the same way that you love God, for, God can be impersonal or personal, depending on your depth of unconditional love and faith ~ and also on your needs. One thing is certain that God loves you.

We have to be able to love, so we have family and friends to practice with, then, perhaps later on in life we are fortunate we find a spiritual guide ~ Guru to respect and love, but it is not for their ‘visage’ or personality that we should love them, but the wisdom and truths that they have to offer you.

If you can love your Guru as you should love God ~ then you will love God. No imposed conditions, no demands imposed, for love is about giving, not receiving.

It is easy to love God when we count our blessings and see the beauty in all of nature; the good things we have received, and we do receive even more, with this profound love and faith that I pray you will have or be blessed with.

God sends Masters and Gurus because the One God knows how difficult it is for you to love the omnipresent One, whereby it is easier to do so with the ‘messenger’ and through loving that ‘messenger’ will find how to know and love God.

Unconditional Love ~ Faith are the passwords.”


This Article is taken from Mata Yoganandaji’s Book THE TRUTH ETERNAL