by Elizabeth Guest

When I was a little girl I had a recurring dream that has never left me. Night after night in my slumbers I would show my classmates how to fly. I wasn’t zooming above mountain tops and cityscapes like a film character; instead I was at the back of the schoolroom teaching my little buddies how to be light and float above ground level.

Now that I am an Intuitive Progressive Counsellor and Coach I often think of that dream, I’m not teaching people how to float, would that I could, but I am helping them to rise above their current life situation and see things from a different perspective.

However, it was a long road for me to get to being an Intuitive Progressive Counsellor and Coach, the path I trod wound its way through many a dark tunnel.

Yet all the while my Guru shone her light.

My guess is that most people reading this special edition of SevaLight Magazine will know what I mean, when I say, the search for my Guru began in earnest not long after I was born. I suffered terrible separation anxiety when I was a baby. I can still remember the physical sensation of pain whenever I was left alone. Looking back, I think I was acutely aware of wanting to get back to the Oneness. My search led me towards the acting profession. It was a great way to fill the hole in my soul. I could get outside adulation when I was on stage and when I came off, I could fill myself with alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and unhealthy relationships, anything to mask the internal agony.

Yet all the while my Guru’s light kept shinning.

It was at the height of my misery that I stumbled upon an Intuitive Progressive Counsellor/Coach and Healer. She was to become the bridge that my soul had been looking for to lead me, bruised and battered to the feet of my Guru. In one of our early Intuitive Progressive Counselling and Coaching sessions she asked me, ‘What are your beliefs about God?’ I replied, ‘I believe there is a God but I think He would have turned away from me because of all the bad things I have done.’  Her reply quite literally changed my life. ‘No, no, no’ she said as she shook her head. ‘God would never turn His back on you, God is Unconditional Love, it’s not possible, it is you who have turned your back on Him.’ That one sentence pointed me in the right direction, towards LOVE.

My Guru’s Love drew me closer.

Not long after that, I learnt to meditate. The day it was revealed to me that Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharmaji was my Guru, was the beginning of my journey from lost soul to happy individual connected to the whole. Now, when I look at a picture of Mataji, I sometimes feel intense gratitude to think how far I have come with my Guru’s grace. Being able to work as an Intuitive Progressive Counsellor and Coach is such a great blessing to me, to know that I can help others as I have been helped, to connect them with love, meditation and a Guru should they want one is the best job in the world. A dream come true.

Thank you Guruji.

For Your Unconditional Love & Light Eternal

Elizabeth Guest

Elizabeth Guest

Chester, UK

Sevalight Associate