My dear worldwide family, my love and blessings go out to you as always. I want to talk with you about God. “Preconceptions and Discriminations” would be a good name for this talk, because I have been asked so many times: What is God? What relationship is there? What happens? Why are there wars? Why are so many bad things happening if God is of love? Why does he let this happen?

 And I want to readdress this so that those who are listening can truly understand the true worth of the word and the meaning of God. Now, I know the old conception was of a man sitting up there, wielding a whip, “Do as I do, do as I say, or else there’ll be trouble.” Well of course, that is no longer the vision, I’m pleased to say. And anyway, how could it be.

 Some Divine light, love, energy force, which I shall call God, created us, gave us our life through love of us. And this Divine force not only gave us life, but became born within us. Now let me explain that. Any Divine Power of love, unconditional love, would not create bad things, and therefore we were born out of this unconditional love. And the Christ Power that is within us and the Holy Spirit is that part of God that is with us and needs to be raised to perfection.

 So God is not a human being. God is omnipresent. God is unconditional love, peace, joy. God is the word for all that is good. And we can’t explain God. We can only say that God is, has, and ever shall be. A very difficult thing to clearly see, that here is this Divine Power, that is there for us all, and in us all, and around us all. In all living things God is and always will be.

 So how does God help us? Well, we have been given intuitiveness. We have been given the ability to make our own decisions, wisely or unwisely. And this has been given to humankind so that we may get back to perfection of ourselves, each individual a perfected one; that we may become like our Father~Mother~God, be perfect. We are little lights that need to discover our spiritual selves, and as we do so we become bigger lights until we join the largest light of all, God. We still will have our individuality if we wish.

 But as you know, when you have a friend, for example, and you love this friend and you spend a lot of time with them, or your husband or wife, you get to know them very well so that you think alike. You perhaps speak when the other person is beginning to speak. You feel at one with them. Now how much more so when you become as one with God. You lose your identity to a degree because you are thinking like that other person; you are loving like that other person. You are all things beautiful, but you still are yourself.

 So God is truly with us, around us, and there. How many times I’m asked, then why are there wars, why are wars allowed, why rape, why famine? There is a simple answer to this. God did not create these things, we created them, whether we like it or not, maybe not us personally, but we created them. Powerful people who want wealth, who want power over everyone, egoistic people, vain people, pride – these are the heads that have created the wars.

 There always have been wars of a different kind. Now there are wars and warring within the countries, within clans, the tribes, the different sects, and between religions, which of course should never be, but is. And some of the strongest wars are between those of different religions.

 No, God did not create these wars. We are trying to lay the blame somewhere other than ourselves. We have to look towards our responsibility. Negative thoughts are energy, they travel. Unkind thoughts are energy, they accumulate. Hatred travels, it accumulates. And these wars have taken place because of this greed of human nature.

 Now, let’s put it into a down to earth term. I hope you don’t, but if you fought somebody and knocked them down and were scrapping with them, and another person came up to try to intervene, you’d probably hit them as well. It is probably best that you fight it out and then probably, I hope, end it peacefully. Now the Divine Power knows this, It’s all wisdom. It has to allow things to happen and to take place, particularly if it’s karmic, which once again, as you may know, means cause and effect. The cause is people, the leaders who want wars and power. The effect is the war itself, destruction. Don’t you see that a lot of wars are karmic? There’s country karma, there’s people’s karma. What people sow they reap. If they have killed in a past life, they could well be killed in this.

 So there’s a cleansing taking place on a different level as well. Not because of God, but because of the cause and effect of what people have done in the past and now. So, of course there is reincarnation. Of course, we have many lifetimes, different facets. You come as a rich person, you come as a poor person. You come as a weak person, a powerful person. You have to tread all these facets of life, unless you are prepared for Self-Realization and to look at yourselves in this lifetime. And very few people are prepared to do this.

 So as you see, God is waiting to help, the Divine Power is there. But if somebody wants wars, then they will close the door on peace, and God is peace. Once we know that God is within us and that what we do and say and think, if it’s good, then we will receive blessings, if it’s bad then we could reap karma. Once we know that, perhaps it will make us more careful of what we do, say and think, and also know that we don’t want to harm the Divine Power within us. And we can only not harm It by thinking good thoughts and acting in a good way.

 We need at this moment of time in particular ~ we need this faith that there is this Divine Power. We don’t have to be religious to know this. In fact, as I was saying, there is dogma in most religions. Therefore, if we have a religion, let us take the good from it and leave the dogma. Stay with it, by all means, because Divine Power is within everything. But where dogma is, God is not. So let us not take dogma into our life.

 So what am I saying ~ I am saying that we can find God, we can know God only when we become like God. And that stands and goes; it’s quite a reasonable thing to say that. We can’t know another unless we can be more like them. How can we understand painting unless we get to know more about the art of painting? And so it goes on. And so with God.

 So while we can’t understand God, what do we do? Well, we need to have faith above all that there is this Divine Power there. And that if we do the very best we can, this Divine Power ~ God can be called upon. We can call upon this Divine Power from our hearts because God only answers if we ask from our hearts. God answers with love, nothing else. Love and faith is the thing that brings help to us from the Divine Power. And I wish you to know that because then you know that you have a way of finding God. It’s a relationship that we need to cultivate. And if things happen that seem unusual, we normally say, that was a bit of luck, but normally it’s not. It’s a natural miracle, a natural gathering of the positive power that comes from a person and presents something nice for them, good for them.

 So our mind is all positive, or should be. And if our mind is positive, we have faith, and we ask in love from our hearts, concentrated love, then God will answer. I know that well. But if we are flippant, “Oh, we’ll believe God now, well we won’t now,” “We’ll say a prayer now, but we’ll be too busy tomorrow, so we won’t pray.” Well, even a friend would not appreciate that sort of behaviour, so why should the Infinite Beloved God.

 It’s very simple really. We just have to love others as we would like to be loved. Do unto others as we would like to be done to. Do our very best and God will do the rest. So, of course, we need help with this. We need to read good books, books that are not dogmatic but wide open to give us thoughts, spiritual books. We need to inquire and we need to pray. God doesn’t need the prayer, we need to pray. It helps us to find ourself, to go forward. It helps us to find the peace that we need so very much at this moment of time. Not just the peace, but to find the harmony and the joy within us and that is so very important.

 So we come back again to this mis-preconceptions about the Infinite Power. Discriminations – let us not judge it, lest we be judged. Let us not criticize, lest we be criticized. All through my life I’ve known there is a Higher Power, but the latter end particularly, I have seen and felt the glories of the Infinite Beloved. When I have done my best but perhaps could have done better then I have been helped, and that has never been otherwise.

 God and the Masters ~ Gurus are the only ones we can truly say will never let us down, because they’re all as one of light and love and they want nothing from us except our love. They will not criticize or judge, but give love, unconditional love, and we need to know that. And we need to have that faith so that we do not feel we are alone. Oh, you are never alone; no one is ever alone if they could but feel the love, if they could open their hearts to the love, if they could give more to others and expand their thoughts and being, they would know, they would feel that they could never be alone. And this is a beautiful thing to feel, because you see God is also a lover of all.

 I believe that we have to be responsible for ourselves and we are ~ can be responsible for ourselves if we have this knowledge. And I believe this knowledge is important. We can go to church and if it helps us that is fine. But we mustn’t rely on going to church only. We must rely on ourselves. We cannot expect other human beings, priests, clergymen, Guru ~ Master to be completely and absolutely responsible for our own selves. This is where we have a prize worth having from God.

 We are allowed to think, to make decisions and God wants us to be responsible for ourselves, not to put responsibility completely in somebody else’s hand. To ask help from them, to listen to wisdom that is given by people that know more than we do, yes. But not to hand full responsibility over, because it can’t be done. It won’t be allowed to be done, and we won’t gain from it.

 Now, I believe that the best way forward is to get the advice, to pray, but you must make your own decisions, rightly or wrongly. Don’t sit on the fence. Know within your being that there is this Higher Power. You can know God by desiring to know God. You can know God through faith and prayer and love. You can know God through helping other people and giving of yourself, your time, willingly and with joy. These are all the things that are quite easy to do in life that will enable you to know definitely beyond faith, to experience God. It is an innate experience, of course. But it will bring conviction along with your faith, that you can truthfully say then, “Not only do I have faith but I’m convinced of this knowledge of God.”

 And don’t let us get confused with names. God is called many things in different religions. But there is only one Divine Power, one life-force with many branches, but one energy with many branches. I don’t want to go intellectual on you and start using long terminology, Indian names, other types of ways of explaining, other than simply what I’m doing here, because simplicity is best in everything.

 Now let us look at what we mean by a son of God, Jesus son of God. Of course, he is a son of God. And aren’t we all sons and daughters of the one divine energy force. So when he said he was the son of God, can you all not say you are sons and daughters of God. Now you know that God is within you, can you not say that, “I am of God”? And as you grow more like Divine Power, eventually you will be able to say, like Jesus did, that my Father and I are one. There will be no separation. There is no separation, only that which we make. And it is this separation that causes us such pain within our spiritual self. It is like being separated from our dearest one, the pain of knowing they are somewhere but not being with them. And so it is with God who is of love and light. The spirit feels this separation and its one purpose in life is to find its way back to perfection.

 So when people come to me and say, “I feel so empty and lonely,” I know what they’re saying. Most of the time it’s the spirit. They want more than what they have. They want more than their husband or wife, wealth, power. So they come to ask, “How can I find, fill this empty gap? What is it?” And I can help them by telling them, giving them the knowledge, being there for them, with unconditional love but saying that you must do some of the work yourself.

 So God is truly knowable, personally and otherwise, always there, ever there, waiting for you, patiently and always with unconditional love. Whatever you do, you will be forgiven. But remember, what you sow you reap. This cannot be taken away from you. So though you will be loved unconditionally, you still have to pay the price of what you do. That is our responsibility. And I believe that anyone who loves us, truly loves us, gives us that as a gift. So we can reap good or we can reap bad. It’s up to all of you, it’s your responsibility. But God is there for you.

 I’m going to ask now that we ask the Infinite Beloved to help us on our journey, to feed us, make us strong, to go forward, to find and to be as one with all in life; that God will have patience with us, as he will, as we peel these onion skins off; raise the Christ Power so the Holy Spirit can do through us. And eventually we will become perfected and then we can say we are truly Gods. We are one God for all time.


God bless you. Go in peace.



This Article is transcribed from Mata Yoganandaji’s Audio GOD PRECONCEPTIONS & DISCRIMINATIONS