No one person wishes or wants to be ill or have a dis-ease in any part of the mind or body, unless, that is, we have self-pity and we are looking to bring attention to ourselves.

Some dis-eases can be karmic which need to be worked through, though not kept. Others are caused by tiredness, stress through worry and fear, yet again a germ can be caught.

So many varied dis-eases that are there for many different reasons. Some we keep for a few days, others we keep for months or years. Yes, we can keep them, though, we can also help ourselves to get rid of dis-ease with a desire to do so, and with positive thought and with no time restrictions in our mind.

The truth is that no-one likes to feel that they do contribute in any way to their dis-ease. The fact is that when we see that we do, and at the same time acknowledge this truth, we can also say in Truth that we can help ourselves get rid of the disease ~ with prayer and faith and work.

If it’s a karmic dis-ease (as you sow so you reap) then you need to work through it until the time for the release of the dis-ease will come.

If it’s any other cause you need to keep very positive, and see how you brought or caught this dis-ease and then work once again with prayer, and any other method at hand, to get rid of it.

It’s amazing how much we can do for ourselves. Don’t leave it all to the medical profession. All pills and medications have side effects ~ however small. Self-help through prayer, positive mind and faith in your abilities do not.

We must be sensible about this, sometimes we need help from a doctor. There is also a time when we shall pass into another life.

The time in-between these happenings should be one of peace, love and joy.

All I speak is truth having worked through some dis-eases myself. I found that with intuition, positivity, prayer, faith ~ that it is possible, even pain can be worked through without fear, by losing oneself in deeper thoughts.

I have noticed, as well as it being a fact, that if a person has pain, and for example there is a house fire, or a bigger problem appears ~ their pain is forgotten.

The mind is very powerful and can be used to overcome pain voluntarily rather than in an involuntary way.

Try it ~ it works

Practise makes perfect.

This Article is taken from Mata Yoganandaji’s Book THE TRUTH ETERNAL