When you try to perceive within,

the door is opened to you,

in accordance to your ability

Your ability of being still and knowing you ARE.

 We cannot find peace, love and God through the intellect. The intellect thinks, cuts, dissecting everything in pursuit of the truth, but God’s truth is evasive in its diversity, no dogma, black or whiteness, only panoramic views, ever changing.

The most difficult students are those who think that by having intellect, they are going to be the first ones to find Self/God Realization. They read numerous books on the subject, go to lectures, debate by the hour, with people of the same, or lesser knowledge. They then believe they are wise. They become a walking encyclopedia – no more.

I am not condemning intellect as such, it is a good facility to have within us, but to find out inner truths, we need to put the intellect on the ‘shelf’, while we turn to our intelligence and common sense.

With intelligence we can tackle most situations, we sort and sift more from the heart area, so eventually getting a more correct definition of the spiritual aspect of ourselves. Couple intelligence with common sense and they make a perfect vehicle for finding the God within.

Books should still be read, lectures and people listened to naturally, but our discussion ratio is lower, and our inner thinking and ‘musing’ things over the greater. Such people are more inclined to ask for help, pray that they may see the light on such matters… and it works.

I remember when very young sitting by the side of a fireplace crying and crying, asking why I didn’t have intellect… no doubt someone had commented on this to me… My Mother lovingly said, ‘You have intelligence and common sense, use them well, and that is all you will need, not everyone needs to be intellectual’. I dried my eyes and though not understanding completely, felt much relief. Now I understand what she was saying to me.

No, I have not needed intellect, but I have always needed intelligence and common sense – we all need these. I leave intellect to those who need it… as scientists and others do.

Once you have found peace, love, humility, and are master or mistress over yourself, then, if you have intellect, it can be taken back, off the shelf and be put to good use. So you see intellect is not being decried. I am simply saying, it does get in our way… at times.


Follow your own path.

Be still and at peace.

Know that you are God.


Do your best for each day.

Do not think of tomorrow.

What you do this minute, makes the next,

and what you do today…

makes your tomorrow.


This Article is taken from Mata Yoganandaji’s Book SELF REALIZATION THROUGH PURE MEDITATION