I would like to just mention meditation a little tonight for all of you that are here. There’s much in meditation that all of you here have yet to come across. Some of you have already found the beauty as well as the difficulty in your meditations. But as you go further you will find much more beauty, so much more than you have ever thought possible.

But it needs one thing, one thing that I’m going to speak about tonight. Of course, it needs many others, but this one thing in particular you must have, and that is patience.  Can we get there without patience? Well, I doubt it. I doubt if we can get anywhere without patience. It’s a very important thing to have. And if we haven’t got it, we can cultivate it. It’s just a good habit, isn’t it, that we can persevere with.

But let us think about this word patience. It’s a difficult one at times. Patience in queues in shops, patience with people who don’t understand us, patience when our meditation doesn’t seem to go right. Patience when we’re concerned where we’re going to live or whether we’re going to have enough money to pay the bills. Patience if we’re not well.

 It is so important to have this particular thing, patience. Now, of course, meditation, if we can sit in meditation, and patiently know that even when we don’t feel anything, that something is happening, because it is. And we can get up with this patience and know that all is well even though everything looks as though it isn’t.

 It’s a very big order, isn’t it, that there is, when we think about it, each and every individual has a part to play, a role to play with patience, and do it with the best of their ability. And then if we do that, all around us, each person around us is playing their part. And it isn’t until everything comes to a certain time will our patience be rewarded. It might be anything from a minute to several years or more. But that it will happen, I think is the most important thing to remember.  It must if you have patience and you go into meditation with that patience each time.

 Too often disciples will give up for a period of time and say, “Oh, it’s not happening, nothing’s happening. It’s happening to everyone else except myself. Everybody else meditating very well, and my mind, I can’t control it.” Now, believe me, the mind eventually will come and concentrate on the thing that we wish it to. But it’s just like anything else, it’s a good habit to cultivate of mind over matter.

 I haven’t met one disciple yet, or those that are not, who can concentrate and keep their concentration over long periods of time ~ that is to begin with. But I have known, depending on the desire within that person, that I’ve heard later on, maybe months or years, they have cultivated and found this bliss, this concentration, with occasional interludes where they have a slight difficulty. But surely that is in the condition of life. But they have said no sooner than they realize, they can slip back into it, and that is surely what we are all aiming for, to slip back into the concentration of the blissful state with the Father ~ the Mother.

 There is nothing that will stop us.  It has been proved time and time again over thousands and millions of years. So, why should it fail now? It won’t. The only thing that makes it fail is ourselves. Even if we have our moments when we feel, “No, I have so many problems, we can’t meditate,” which you know as well as I do, that’s the very time we need it. But even if we don’t, we must pick ourselves up, because there’s hunger inside us for the peace and that stillness that the Infinite Creator brings, when we can go with patience and concentrate and be there.

If you can go with patience and gently and lovingly sit, that is the secret. If you go in with demand, if you go in with a feeling of impatience, then you must think of all of the things that you have. Just think of the life that we’re fortunate to have. Think of all the good points in your life. Think of the devotion before you go in. And, of course, to do this you need patience once again. So we do go back to that word quite often.

 I don’t know how many lifetimes everyone has had. It is not necessary to know that. Or for you.  But there must’ve been a great many. And if you think about it, it isn’t too much to ask for quite a few years to find this bliss we’re talking about, if it has evaded you over the many lifetimes, because perhaps you haven’t wanted it then.

 Now the opportunity is there for everyone who wants it. That is the truth of the moment. And I think that is a true blessing, that we can reach that Self-Realization in this lifetime. It is the time for it.  Everywhere people are hungry, they are hungry for the peace within. And it will be theirs if they have but the patience to try for it. You’re asking for a jewel ~ that takes a little longer than a sweetmeat.  But it can be yours, each and every one of you, with patience.

And may God bless you with your endeavors.

This Article is transcribed from Mata Yoganandaji’s Audio MEDITATION & PATIENCE