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Inspiring Talks Collection 4


Over the years Mata Yoganandaji has given talks at Satsangas and Gatherings as well as recording messages of Truth for our progress and unfoldment. Covering all aspects of mortal and spiritual life, the wisdom and truths that she has given to us are timeless and bring new depths of awareness each time they are heard.

The deep loving vibrations of a Master’s voice feed us deeply on every level, to soothe the spirit and uplift the being.


1. Religion & Its Place in Life (6:45)
2. The Art of Energizing (10:47)
3. Prayer for Wisdom & Light (0:38)
4. What is True Friendship (11.55)
5. A Thought for the Needy (0:24)
6. A Moments Silence (0:58)
7. Concentrate to Succeed (8:37)
8. Hoarding (1:43)
9. Fasting (5:35)
10. Beliefs, Ideas & Debating (1:21)
11. Dis-ease, AIDS and other conditions (7:00)
12. A Story (3:14)
13. Asking Asking (1:42)