The World As It Is


The World As It Is has a very important and timely message for us all – concerning the world as it is today, and our place in it as individuals and collectively. With a deep understanding of the needs of these times, Mata Yoganandaji speaks with practical Wisdom and down-to-earth Truths on subjects that are relevant to each and every one.

Mata Yoganandaji has recorded this talking book to give easily practicable guidance, with chapters on all aspects of mortal and spiritual life. Spoken to the listener as an individual, a profound depth of unconditional love is felt in every word, whilst helping us to find the deeper essence and understanding of life in all its complexity.

1.Truths About Life (21 mins)
2.Purpose in life (11 mins)
3.Families and Problems (18 mins)
4.Karma and Reincarnation; Ego, Pride and Emotion (26 mins)
5.Religions and Partnerships (18 mins)
6.Cancer – Lifestyle and Mind-power (11 mins)
7.Disease, Passing and the after-life (27 mins)
8.Children, Adoption and Abortion; Sexuality (23 mins)
9.Marriage and Children (33 mins)
10.Loving Yourself (17 mins)
11.Understanding Yourself (28 mins)
12.Our Place in the World (27 mins)
13.Pure Meditation (14 mins)
14.Names (10 mins)
15.Healing Energies; Blessing (26 mins)

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