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Variations on a Theme


Open yourself to the deep and wonderous blessings of sharing this intimate time with our Beloved Gurudeva, Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma. This talk helps us to feel close to Mataji, held and comforted by her ever-present love and contains several new talks, song chants, poems and prayers.


From the Recordings

My dear ones, this is a CD [recording] that I want to make especially for all of you. It’s called “Variations on a Theme”. And I want it to be on a theme of love, truth, and certain subjects that I feel that you might like to hear about. So this is what I want this to be of… This, I feel, is a different CD because I feel I want to talk with you about different things. And so I shall do so, leisurely and at my own pace.

Something to remind you of me.


  1. Variations on a Theme
  2. Learning & Being Creative & Interest
  3. Song Chant ‘In the Middle of the Night’
  4. Prayer ‘Dearest Mother of all Creation’
  5. Our Energies
  6. Poem ‘The Difference’
  7. Religion & Forgiveness & Honesty
  8. Exercise
  9. Awareness of Oneself
  10. Song Chant ‘Someday’
  11. Respect & Negativity & Positivity
  12. Poem ‘An Old World Creed’
  13. Letting Change Take Place
  14. Poem ‘Departure Time’
  15. Prayer ‘I Ask’
  16. Love & Blessings
  17. Song Chant ‘No Separation’