Sevalight Hatha Yoga
Teacher Training Course

Professional Training Course in Intuitive Listening & Communication Skills Course to Diploma Qualification
There is no one type of person who chooses or benefits from a SevaLight Hatha Yoga class. We are so varied as individuals and everyone needs and looks for something different in life.
Time for ourselves, to let go and relax; learn to know and care for ourselves ~ our body, mind and spirit, is vital in order to really get the best from our individuality and learn to meet these needs in a busy world.

The new name of SevaLight reflects the changing evolutionary state of all, and the forward momentum of our work. A Yoga form, blessed by a Master, taught by those wishing to help and serve in unconditional love ~ helping each student to find a deeper knowing and understanding of their own balance (Hatha meaning balance) and needs ~ whether just for the hour they manage to set aside in their week to attend a class; or for taking the tools and learning into life

Natural beneficial side effects include reduced tension and pain, increased fitness, flexibility and stamina, helps healing of body and calming of mind; learning to bring a greater peace, strength and balance to everyday life ~ a centred-ness that goes beyond what you would normally expect after simply moving, stretching and resting for 1¼ hours!

Sevalight Hatha Yoga Teachers are trained to work with anyone of any physical ability and need, and, in these days of modern technology ~ appointments can also be by Skype or Zoom ~ so are not limited to locality.

Learn Online
While the ideal way to train as a Sevalight Hatha Yoga teacher
is on-site at the Centre with other trainees, for those unable
to attend the on-site course, this online option is available.

Learn On-site at a
Self Realization Sevalight Centre

Learn on-site at one of the Centres. Students may also attend as day students or live in residentially to fully immerse themselves in the learning and the peaceful energy of the Centre, during this transformational diploma level training course.

Hatha Yoga
Teacher Training Modules :

Modules of this training include:
teaching techniques, presentation, use of voice
the science of Yoga
practical Yoga philosophy for everyday life
personal development and awareness
energy awareness
balance and concentration
adjustment and alignment
breathing and grounding techniques
postural therapy
anatomy and physiology for Yoga practice and Yoga therapy
planning and business facets of Yoga teaching
Specialist Yoga fields including, Antenatal, Aqua Yoga, Yoga as healing and Remedial Yoga are available as further training following diploma certification.

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Our Hatha Yoga teachers are very much aware of each individual in a class. You will be helping each yoga student towards a deeper understanding of themselves, body, mind and spirit. From this your students learn to develop their own intuition and how to use it in everyday life. This naturally promotes their own health, vitality, creativity and happiness. It also helps students to love and respect their own body/being/individuality and potential for growth.
Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at the Self Realization Sevalight Centre is both a way to develop and deepen your own Yoga practice and experience while learning to teach others. Consequently, yoga teachers find the training a deeply rewarding, enjoyable and healing experience.
Because of the nature of this Yoga teacher training it is necessary for students to have an established Meditation or Meditative Peace practise, so that you can go to depth in your understanding of your own and others’ needs.
Contact the Centre to register your interest or with any questions you may have.

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Sevalight Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Course

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