“Fulfilment is something we can only truly get from experiencing a relationship with God. And freedom also comes from this relationship, before we can find this friendly loving God, we have to look to finding other things, fulfilment within our being and what we do in life.

So instead of being a round peg in a square hole, though we might have to be that for a little while, but then we can find the work that satisfies us, so we can be a ‘square peg in a square hole.’ We can only do that by trial and error most of the time. Some people go in to a job that they like straight away and stay there for the rest of their life until they eventually retire; other people experiment and then find something that their heart truly desires and loves, and, that they find they are well suited to. This is a fulfilment very necessary in people’s lives; there is something that we love to do that is there for us.

It is a question of just waiting and being aware until it comes into our perspective and then we need to go for it and happily do that work completely and with great feeling within ourselves, this is something worth doing. If we find that fulfilment, then we will feel more free within ourselves, we shall feel more freedom to do other things, find out about other sports, activities, hobbies, even other work that we like doing. We may have done them in a life beforehand, so therefore there can be many things that enter our mind, so we have to be careful – we cannot do everything in this lifetime. We must sort out what we do need and what we feel we need, but it is only a feeling, it is not a true need, it is a want, we can let wants go. So to have a good work place and to have some outdoor activity or some form of other thought, thinking processes are important.

But above all, this, if we don’t look at the Spiritual side of life, then we will never truly find the true 100% fulfilment and freedom that we are looking for. Some people don’t realise what they are looking for, they get concerned about it, but they shouldn’t be because if we truly want to find something really important in our life, it will come to us. It will show itself, but we have to be ready to see it; some people are blind, some people cover their eyes, they do not want to see it or listen. This brings a great deal of harm to you, for if it comes into our orbit, to look at Spirituality, religions, the Truths, Meditation, then because we want to look, while we are looking, the right path will show itself – all you have to do is to take that path. Once finding the path, keep to that path of fulfilment and the freedom that it brings and this will set you free – the knowledge that you are obtaining from your delving into these things, these knowledges will show you the way and set you truly free, the only freedom is finding this Faith and knowledge of Spirituality, and I say Spirituality because

Religion isn’t necessarily Spirituality. It might be a pathway of going, but is not necessarily what you need to set you free, but look and you will receive, and when you receive, be happy with that path, don’t try to follow several. To follow several will take you off the beaten track. It will bring you disillusionment; it will bring you unhappiness; stay with the path that you have found, and you will find that you will go forward in both the Spiritual and the moral sense.”


This Article is taken from Mata Yoganandaji’s Book THE TRUTH ETERNAL