The Life of the Christ Power


In this talk, Mata Yogananda helps us realize the Christ Power and Holy Spirit within us, by doing what we are meant to do, doing it well, living in the moment, and staying clear of dogma.

From the talk

“If we could only see ourselves as part of the Christ Power, part of God. It is true. We can say we are of God, we are part of the whole, our body is the house of dwelling for the Christ to be in it until we finish playing our part on this earth plane. If we could but see this then we could only behave as Jesus would have us, behave as we would at our earthly father’s house, our mother’s house. It is a spiritual house that it serves us well. Well, if we really were aware of this, then we would serve with love, respect and loyalty to all, including ourselves, including our body.”

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This track is taken from INSPIRING TALKS COLLECTION 2