On Retreats


Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma describes the beauty and necessity of Retreats and how we can only find ourselves when there is no noise and a stillness within. This helps us to hear our intuitive voice, bringing blessings and benefiting us with the realization of our connection to all of life and that there is no separation.

From the talk

“Life at the moment is very hectic. It’s very noisy everywhere, that we can’t possibly here to the very depth of ourselves what is being asked of us. How best we can manage with our life. All these questions that I’m sure we all ask ourselves inwardly. We want to find all these answers. But we can’t find them while everyone is dashing around, speaking loudly, music play, 101 things are going on. And we wonder why we cannot find the answer, wonder why we cannot hear this still voice or feel this intuitive feeling within ourselves.”

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This track is taken from INSPIRING TALKS COLLECTION 6