Exercise Mobility


With a voice of peaceful spiritual depth and gentle, healing movements – Mata Yoganandaji gives us these truly remarkable recordings – unlike any other. Many have remarked on how much better and uplifted they feel in mind, body and spirit after listening and practicing. This is because of the sheer unconditional love and desire of Mata Yoganandaji to help all souls – God speaks through her.

These ‘ light and easy’ movements, given in Mata Yoganandaji’s own loving voice, can nurture and strengthen you, helping you to let go and find peace.

These exercises will benefit anyone who wishes to use them recharge in any of life’s situations. Even if we are capable of no movement, we must, to make life possible, keep alive the idea of movement, and as movement becomes possible we must use and develop it. These movements have been developed and refined over the many years, as a balance combination to work the coordination of mind and body without exhaustion or discouragement. Even a thought of movement will send messages through the body, giving energy and awareness. This will start to release tension and bring a deeper self-awareness. As this happens and we learn to accept, love and care for our bodies and ourselves more, emotional and energy blocks can be released: our bodies and minds will then respond positively and we will feel clearer, more alive.

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