The Art of Breath Control


The important art of breath control is illuminated through the wisdom of a Master, Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma. Why we need the guidance of someone who is specialized in this field is explained, and how it leads to revitalization of the body and health, calmness and intuitiveness.  And how getting sufficient oxygen will help you to relax. Touched on is the deeper spiritual aspects of the breath in relation to Meditation.

From the talk

“Breath is the cord that ties the soul to the flesh ~ and this particular breath that does this can only be taught by hindsight of a Guru, a guide, a teacher, and given when ready, when it’s needed and accepted by the devotee. This breath that I am talking about is in Meditation, but all other breaths are done if you take Hatha Yoga or certain other areas of exercise.”

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This track is taken from INSPIRING TALKS COLLECTION 3