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Visualizations For You


Relaxation and letting go is an important aspect of our own balance in order to progress. During visualization, we can access a deeper part of ourselves and healing and restoration can take place.

Even for those who do not ‘see’ visualisation in their minds, the mental peace and calm from this resting time brings a harmony to the whole being.

Presented in both written and recorded form so that it is available to you at any time, the words and voice of Mata Yoganandaji soothe and settle our whole being, so that we are refreshed and ready for all that lies ahead.

These Visualizations are all different ~ so that each person can choose their own one or use them all.


You need to relax and enjoy these times.

I will speak to you after a few minutes and talk you into coming back balanced into the mortal world again.”

~ Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma

  1. Introduction
  2. By the Sea
  3. A Woodland Walk
  4. A Garden and Stream
  5. Your Outdoor Pool
  6. Fells and Mountains
  7. By a River
  8. Peaceful Sailings

Mata Yogananda’s words on…

  • Breathing
  • Covering Over
  • Expansion