Why do the Masters Come?


Why do people war? How do individuals contribute to wars and strife? How do we live in harmony? How can I help to spread the light? Does prayer help? These questions and more are answered in this powerful talk by Mata Yogananda.

From the talk

“The reason why these souls have to come again and again is because we have a very short memory, people do. They forget. If there’s a war, everybody comes together, helps each other. If there’s a catastrophe, people come together to help. But after a few years we forget, we start arguing again, people start fighting again. Inter-fighting in families, between tribes, between countries. So the lessons that had been learnt have been unlearnt.”

“Only mutual effort to build wisdom, spiritual and intuitive understanding can bind two souls by the laws of everlasting Divine Love. Anyone who fails to inspire confidence in other hearts and is unable to extend their friendship to other souls cannot hope to expand their consciousness into Cosmic Consciousness.”

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