News & Updates

May 2022

Loving greetings to you!

We have some wonderful news and updates to share with you

New Special Recording

We joyfully announce the release of Mata Yoganandaji’s New Audio Collection: ‘Variations on a Theme

A long awaited and deeply healing recording from our Divine Guru in her last years – is also now available to download

New Recording in Video Format

God is the Only Reality‘ ~ our beloved Gurudeva’s talk is now released in video format on

Sevalight Magazine 2022

The next edition of Sevalight Magazine has been released ~ filled with inspirational articles from people all around the world, as well as wonderful artwork.

The magazine is available for all and can be obtained/ordered from one of the Centres. Remember, if you are an Associate or Lightworker, your copy comes free as part of your annual subscription.

Sevalight Lightworkers Podcast

We have a new Podcast that is for all people to enjoy and know that there are Centres of Unconditional Love and Light around the world, were all are welcome to come and imbibe in the peace they offer. 

Newly Released Audio Tracks

We joyfully announce the release of Mata Yoganandaji’s Audio Tracks: ‘War and Peace‘ and ‘Disease, AIDS and Other Conditions‘ – both very important and helpful talks for these times.

Also the Audio Collection ‘Winged Prayer‘ is also available as a free download. This is another important recording that can be of great help to those who are looking for upliftment and healing. This is especially timely as many people are wanting ‘Healing’ but are not able to get to a healer due to Covid and travel restrictions.

Newly Released E-Books

We joyfully announce the release of Mata Yoganandaji’s EBooks: Come, The Truth Eternal, Gods in the Making and Self Realization through Pure Meditation. These special books can be bought and downloaded from Amazon.