Plain Living and God Thinking


Mata Yogananda stresses the need for an understanding between what we really need and what we want, and to place emphasis on obtaining only those things we need.  She reminds us that the easiest way to achieve Self Realization – God Realization, is through meditation.

From the talk

“The more you have to depend upon conditions outside yourself for happiness, the less happiness you will experience.”

 “Intuition is having direct grasp of truth and can lead us to peace, Self-Realization, God-Realization by meditation ~ that is the quickest way. To know God is to know life. And to know life is to love all as one.”

“Think carefully and do accordingly. Not do others want, not do what we think others want, never that. But to do what we know is right. That means to be courageous. Stand up for yourself, for God, for injustice.”

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This track is taken from INSPIRING TALKS COLLECTION 1