God Is Within Us


Mata Yogananda shares with us how blessed we are to have free will and direct access to help from the Supreme Power ~ God, how putting God first and aligning ourselves with God’s Will draws God to us. Mataji expresses the importance of faith, prayer, meditation, lightworking and using our intuition to develop this Divine relationship with the God within, and how ego and pride can get in the way. Also covered is how to work spiritually with problems that arise and our karma.

From the talk

“To have faith, to have understanding, which is part of unconditional love, that is what you need to find the peace that we all want. To be able to wake up in the morning and say, “What is going to happen today? Well, will it be the will of life. But to wake up in peace and go to bed in peace, to always feel the joy of God within you, and to always be able to find the intuitiveness of God’s voice, which is intuitiveness, then you need above to know you have to have faith.”

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