God Preconceptions & Discriminations


What is God? What relationship is there between God and ourselves? Why are there wars? Why are there so many bad things happening if God is of love? Why does he let this happen? These important questions are answered with great love, simplicity and depth in this talk by Mata Yogananda.

From the talk

“Know within your being that there is this Higher Power. You can know God by desiring to know God. You can know God through faith and prayer and love. You can know God through helping other people and giving of yourself, your time ~ willingly and with joy. These are all the things that are quite easy to do in life, that will enable you to know definitely, beyond faith, to experience God. It is an inner experience, of course, but it will bring conviction along with your faith, that you can truthfully say then, not only do I have faith but I am convinced of this knowledge of God.”

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