Opening Ourselves to Love and Wisdom


In this talk Mata Yogananda Mahasaya Dharma demonstrates how the universal concepts of love and wisdom can be brought into our everyday lives to create more harmony for ourselves and the world. Mata Yogananda explains how a Guru’s words and help can expand our consciousness and how the recognition of our oneness with others inspires an opening of our hearts, bringing happiness, peace and wisdom.

From the talk

“The wisdom is to see and try to do your best. And from your best will come positive energy. Positivity that will change your life. And if you’re fortunate to have a Guru then it will change quicker if you listen.”

“Think carefully and do accordingly. Not do others want, not do what we think others want, never that. But to do what we know is right. That means to be courageous. Stand up for yourself, for God, for injustice.”

Minimum price: $3.95

This track is taken from INSPIRING TALKS COLLECTION 6