Pure Spiritual Healing Course

Professional Training Course in Intuitive Listening & Communication Skills Course to Diploma Qualification
Pure Spiritual Healing comes from the Divine Source, from the Infinite and flows directly through the Healer to the recipient. It empowers those who receive it to take responsibility for themselves and to cure themselves of the condition if this is in the Divine plan of life.

About the Course

Unconditional Love & Professionalism ~ the ideal combination for a caring therapist.
Anyone can learn to be a healer. Healing energy comes from a loving Infinite source. There is no limit to its potential benefits. It can flow through healers and others who are open to it.

The Pure Spiritual Healing course provides this ideal
combination of allowing pure love to flow through
the healer coupled with high standards of professionalism.

Covered in this training:

Cultivating and attuning to the healing energy

Patient care and safety and on- and off-body healing moves

Demeanour, presentation, safety, professional relationships and setting up a practice

Consultation training to support the patient in the healing process

Learning breaths, tools, affirmation, and visualization to teach to patients

Biology and pathology from a holistic and energetic viewpoint

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Pure Spiritual Healing Course

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